Illustration by: いたる (matunoji-itaru) from pixiv

Joining a Game Jam: NaNoRenO 2014 and How We’re Pulling Up (for now…)

It’s been more than two weeks ago since I pitched the idea of entering the famous visual novel game jam, NaNoRenO, to Kyriuki. I thought it was a good place to get our Vocaloid circle known as a name in the indie visual novel scene, sort of like Dischan back in 2012 which appeared out of the blue with their first kinetic novel, Juniper’s Knot. The head writer/musician agreed, but had other plans for our entry:

  1. We have to show that we are a Vocaloid circle, so all those ideas regarding a “detailed senpai-handling manual” or slice-of-life stories were canned to give way to Kyriuki’s “Jun Maeda-ish romantic tragedy” stories based on one of the songs he wrote for the circle.
  2. We have to rake in potential recruits. We’re short of hands on the visuals department, with all the previous members declaring hiatuses or simply expressing their thoughts of quitting. I did decide to pitch in as “emergency visual artist” if no one hasn’t pushed an envelope into our recruiting mailbox.

So far, we’re not doing well. The Philippine education system (which most of the members are following since, well, they live in the Philippines) hasn’t fully graduated the June-March school year format yet. That meant NaNoRenO collided with the final weeks of our classes where most of us had to finish papers and study for final exams. Because of this, Kyriuki had to delay the script thanks to High School graduation obligations, and I was only able to give limited details on our main game’s prologue: You’ll Hear My Voice Someday: YELLOW VOICE.

Now a little about our NaNoRenO entry: Based on one of our circle’s songs, Kimi O Sagasu, he story focuses on the young Len Kagamine who, despite being an excellent student in his senior year, was known for being a delinquent freshman. He was then approached by a girl named “Rin” while he was chilling at the rooftop minding his own business. From there on, Len gets to a serious “straightening-up” phase where he gets his interest in studying back. The story doesn’t end there, so I’ll leave it up to our visual novel to continue the tale.

So, where are we going with only “10%” of coding progress? Practically nowhere, I assume. The fact that only Kyriuki and I are the only two people rowing this boat is quite sad. I joined New Forte thinking that we would have this sort of “family vibe” emanating with every task we set our circle to. But enough moping about, the deadline is closing in and we still have some work to do!