New Forte Sit Rep: February 2014

Hello everybody! It’s been a month since our first post here in our blog and… honestly, not much has been achieved for the month of February. With personal priorities such as school or work stacking up, most of our members have either declared their respective hiatuses or went AWOL. Nevertheless, both the music and visual novel team was able to churn out some stuff for the month of FEBRUARY.

    1. We’re now live on Nico Nico Douga!

      recently hoisted up the circle’s first song, Paradise (feat. Hatsune Miku), in Japan’s famous online video platform. No news yet of whether the other songs will be posted there. But hey, we’re in Nico Nico Douga now (and that’s something worth bragging, right?)

      (P.S. – If you don’t see the external player, click here to see our NND video.)

    1. We are IN DIRE NEED of visual artists/illustrators!

      Every single artist/illustrator in our visual novel team have suddenly decided to go missing in action (some with valid reasons such as personal issues or workload, while others just disappeared into thin air). So once again, we humbly ask you, a member of the internet, to consider joining us for a chance to showcase your talent and your love for Vocaloid with a masterpiece worth bearing yours.
    2. We’re joining this year’s NaNoRenO!

      Yes, we are not kidding you. Despite the huge lack of visually-inclined hands, the visual novel team has decided to join NaNoRenO: a visual novel-based code jam held for the entirety of March. For this year’s month-long event, we will be releasing a prequel to our main visual novel called You’ll Hear My Voice Someday: YELLOW VOICE.

      The prequel’s plot revolves around Len Kagamine: despite being well-known as an excellent student, he was first labeled in his freshman year as a delinquent. Then everything changed when, one day while chilling at the school’s rooftop, a concerned female batchmate approached him. (We’ll leave the finished product tell you the rest of the story!)

  • Other Stuff
    1. Lots of places to tune in with usAside from our Facebook page and blog, we’ve opened up a Twitter account and a Trello board to post about stuff we want you to see. Rest assured we will keep this up to date from time to time.

That’s it for this month’s sit rep. If you have any questions, comments, rants, suggestions, or testimonies, you can drop us a comment. Thanks 🙂


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