The New Blog

Hello, and welcome to New Forte’s brand-new blog! This will be the place where we’ll be hoisting up details on projects and new music releases. In addition to that, you’ll be hearing some stuff from the creators ranging from project leaks to personal opinions.

“But wait a sec, don’t you have a Facebook page already?”

Yes we do, and it’s right over here. But as we evolve into something larger than we have ever imagined, we strive to reach our fanbase in the places most relevant to our field of expertise (like SoundCloud and YouTube).

“Enough business talk. We know you just made this blog for the visual artist recruitment.”

Ah, yes. That. Thing is, we need a centralized method to pick up recruits because tracking every thread and post we hoist up around the internet is complicated. You can’t really track them all and sometimes, you might just abandon it because of inactivity. To solve that, we set up the recruitment page (and post) inside the blog to send all of the recruits in one place.

“…and the rest of the blog?”

As many of you who have been with us before the announcement of the visual novel, you may have noticed that our primary means of communication with all of you is through the Facebook page. The problem is that the platform is a bit too limited to add additional things like playlist embeds or signup forms. Plus, as we “venture” into the indie visual novel arena, we have to set up a more formal avenue of disseminating information (and communicate about our works to people who don’t want to touch the dominantly blue social network that seeped out of Harvard, which some of the folks in the visual novel scene are straying away from).

“Have you considered using Tumblr?”

Yes, and no. Though I do like to set up New Forte’s blog in the Yahoo-bought social blogging platform, I do have a hint of loathing for the platform deep down inside me. Sure, we’ll miss out our chances of having posts reblogged around the Tumblr universe and have our inboxes spammed with queries from fans. Then again, I purposely gave the idea of a blog to my fellow collaborators as a formal means of reaching out to the people (and without mentioning the question of whether to use WordPress or Tumblr, so there’s that…)

“So, what now?”

In the following days, I might just leak a few details regarding our visual novel project, You’ll Hear My Voice Someday. Kyriuki just happened to place revision #7 of the script on our desks a few days ago along with designs for Iroha Nekomura from one of our offline illustrators. Then again, we are still in need of creative hands to help us with our project’s art assets, so please do drop by our recruitment post.


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